Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Creation is Crucifixion - in silico [1998]

Artist: Creation is Crucifixion
Title: in silico
Country: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Genre: Metal
LABEL: King of the Monsters
Link: Listen

1. Turing Test
2. The Perfection of Suicide Is in It's Ambiguity
3. In_Silico
4. The Data Body
5. Automata I
6. Descend from Heaven
7. How to Reinvent the Wheel
8. Burn the Churches - A Manifesto
9. For Debord - As a Spectacle of Screams
10. Bottom Feeder (An Anthem for the Luddites)
11. Automata II
12. Confessions of a Soothsayer
13. Primordial Life
14. The Cyborg Handbook
15. In Response to Multiculturalism
16. Perceptions of a Binary Meta-psyche
17. Death to Art (An Utopian Manifesto)
18. I'll Sleep under the Ground
19. Van Neumann's Dead

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