Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Friends Forever - romance conflict adventure [2009]

Artist: Best Friends Forever
Title: romance conflict adventure
Country: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Label: plan-it-x
Link: Listen

Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit [2009]

Artist: Snowing
Title: Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit
Country: Lehigh Valley, PA, USA
Link: Listen

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fight Like Apes - And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion [2008]

Artist: Fight Like Apes
Title: And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion
Country: Dublin, Ireland
LABEL: Model Citizen Records
Link: Listen

Legion of Doom - Incorporated [2007]

Artist: Legion of Doom
Title: Incorporated
Country: Venice, CALIFORNIA, United States
LABEL: Illegal Art
Link: Listen

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Futurama - Into The Wild Green Yonder [2009]


The Appleseed Cast - Sagarmatha [2009]

Artist: The Appleseed Cast - Sagarmatha
Title: The Appleseed Cast - Sagarmatha
Country: LAWRENCE, KANSAS, United States
LABEL: Vagrant
Link: Listen

1. As the Little Things Go
2. Bright Light
3. Road West
4. Summer Before
5. One Reminder, An Empty Room
6. Raise the Sails
7. Like a Locus (Shake Hands with the Dead)
8. South Co
9. Army of Fireflies

Hellmotel - Hang Us Young [2007]

Artist: Hellmotel
Title: Hang Us Young
Country: paris / nantes, France
Genre: Metal / Hardcore
LABEL: Radar Swarm Records
Link: Listen

1. Shade And Cliche
2. A Song For Young Revolted Middle Class People
3. Outlaw Texas Rangers
4. A New Saw: Taste Of Broken Glass
5. A New Saw: The Rustiest Tools
6. Interlude
7. Winter Cowboy
8. Hell Hot Cats
9. In A Hut With God
10. Love Laziness

Shikari - 2004 demo

Artist: Shikari
Title: 2004 demo
Country: Groningen, Netherlands
Genre: Screamo / Hardcore / Power Violence
Link: Listen

1.verloren bij aanvang
2.god zij geprezen
3.laatste halte
5.nieuwe politiek 2
6.nooit te stoppen

Grade - such is progress [1997]

Artist: Grade
Title: such is progress
Country: Burlington, Canada
Genre: Screamo / Rock
LABEL: Second Nature Recordings
Link: Listen

01 Eyes Of Madness
02 Force Of Law
03 Rabid Panic
04 Deaf And Disbelieving
05 The Hunger
06 Total Vision
07 In Formation
08 Incendiary
09 Crucifier
10 Under the Radar
11 Plan of Execution

Findel - Enter the Shadowlands [2007]

Artist: Findel
Title: Enter the Shadowlands
Country: Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands
Genre: Electronica / Indie Pop / Pop Punk
LABEL: Royal Chique
Link: Listen

01. Findel Enters The Shadowlands
02. Burnin' On Sunday
03. German Movie
04. 2 Cute 4 U
05. Finish The Sentence ("Oh Contestant...")
06. Expedition ('Then, I, Elle)
07. JK Rowling
08. It's a 'Point 'n Click'-Adventure Game With Outstanding Graphics
09. Sunrise
10. Prozac Song
11. Saved By Private Ryan
12. Paper Pins and Peppermints
13. Present For Alice

Elevator to Hell - parts 1-3 [1996]

Artist: Elevator to Hell
Title: parts 1-3
Country: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
LABEL: Sub Pop
Link: Listen

VA - short music for short people [1999]

Artist: VA
Title: short music for short people
LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords

1: Fizzy Bangers Short Attention Span
2: Less Than Jake Anchor
3: Teen Idols Ketchup Soup
4: Terrorgruppe A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards)
5: Good Riddance Overcoming Learned Behavior
6: Chixdiggit! Quit Your Job
7: The Living End Ready
8: Bad Religion Out Of Hand
9: Hi-Standard Asian Pride
10: Aerobitch Steamroller Blues
11: Nerf Herder Doin’ Laundry
12: Bigwig Freegan
13: Undeclinable Ambuscade Not Again
14: Fury 66 Waste Away
15: The Ataris The Radio Still Sucks
16: Unwritten Law Armageddon Singalong
17: A.F.I. Hearts Frozen Soil Thawed Once More By The Spring Of Rage, Despair, And Hopelessness
18: Dillinger Four Farts Are Jazz To Assholes
19: Spread Surf City
20: Swingin’ Utters Back To You
21: The Barfeeders Outhouse Of Doom
22: Citizen Fish Alienation
23: Blink-182 Family Reunion
24: Goober Patrol Mirror, Signal, Wheelspin
25: Killswitch Saturday Night
26: Enemy You Bedroom Windows
27: No Use For A Name Sara Fisher
28: Green Day The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink
29: Consumed Delraiser Part III: Del On Earth
30: The Mr. T Experience Told You Once
31: Lagwagon Randal Gets Drunk
32: Gwar Fishfuck
33: The Dickies Howdy Doody In The Woodshed
34: Samiam Long Enought To Forget You
35: Dogpiss Erik Sandin’s Stand-in
36: 59 Times The Pain We Want The Kids
37: Bracket Warren’s Song Part 8
38: NoMeansNo No Fgcnuik
39: Descendents I Like Food
40: Dance Hall Crashers Triple Track
41: Guttermouth Don Camero Lost His Mind
42: Limp X-99
43: Jughead’s Revenge Faust
44: Circle Jerks Deny Everything
45: The Offspring Hand Grenades
46: Mad Caddies Mike Booted Our First Song, So We Recorded This One Instead
47: The Criminals Union Yes
48: Screeching Weasel Dirty Needles
49: One Man Army 300 Miles
50: Strung Out Klawsterfobia
51: Youth Brigade You Don’t Know Shit
52: Groovie Ghoulies Doin’ Fine
53: Tilt John For The Working Man
54: Spazz A Prayer For The Complete & Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop-Punk
55: The Damned It’s A Real Time Thing
56: 88 Fingers Louie All My Friends Are In Popular Bands
57: D.O.A. I Hate Punk Rock
58: Pulley Fun
59: The Vandals To All The Kids
60: Pennywise 30 Seconds Till The End Of The World
61: No Fun At All Get A Grip
62: Sick Of It All Blatty (Human Egg)
63: All I Got None
64: NOFX See Her Pee
65: 7 Seconds F.O.F.O.D.
66: Rancid Blacklisted
67: Diesel Boy Chandeliers And Souvenirs
68: Adrenalin O.D. Your Kung-Fu Is Old… And Now You Must Die!!!
69: Frenzal Rhomb My Pants Keep Falling Down
70: The Queers I Hate Your Fucking Guts
71: D.I. Jingle
72: Black Flag Spray Paint
73: White Flag Rage Against The Machine Are Capitalist Phonies
74: Anti-Flag Bring It To An End
75: Avail Not A Happy Man
76: The Real McKenzies Old Mrs. Cuddy
77: Agnostic Front Traitor
78: Down By Law Life Rules 101
79: Radio Days Wake Up
80: Useless I.D. Too Bad You Don’t Get It
81: Poison Idea Humanity
82: Men O’ Steel In Your Head
83: Subhumans Supermarket Forces
84: Buck Wild Tribute To The Mammal
85: Lunachicks Pretty Houses
86: Dwarves The Band That Wouldn’t Die
87: Bouncing Souls Like A Fish In Water
88: Trigger Happy Turn It Up
89: One Hit Wonder Madam’s Apple
90: Hotbox Staggering
91: 20% DMV
92: Snuff Big Fat Skinhead
93: The Muffs Pimmel
94: H2O Mr. Brett, Please Put Down Your Gun
95: Bodyjar Wake Up
96: Nicotine Eyez
97: Satanic Surfers Another Stale Cartoon
98: Ten Foot Pole I Don’t Mind
99: Caustic Soda Welcome To Dumpsville, Population: You
100: Misfits – NY Ranger
101. Wizo – The Count

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nux Vomica - The Uninspired [2005]

Artist: Nux Vomica
Title: The Uninspired
Country: Portland, Oregon, United States
Genre: Metal / Crust
LABEL: Firestarter
Link: Listen

1 Fuck Ageist Sympathy
2 The Uninspired
3 Hiding

Kyds vs. Columbus - uproot the shrub

Artist: kyds vs. columbus
Title: uproot the shrub
Genre: Screamo
Link: Listen

01 _ intro
02 _weeds in a concrete garden
03 _color coded cages
04 _to prosper too proper
05 _ fresh faces
06 _ magnificant outro

Dead Blue Sky - Symptoms of An Unwanted Emotion [2001] + 7" [date unknown]

Artist: Dead Blue Sky
Title: Symptoms of An Unwanted Emotion + 7"
Country: DAYTON, Ohio, United States
Genre: Metal / Death Metal / Progressive
LABEL: Goodlife Recordings
Link: Listen

1. Beneath The Autumn Sun
2. Essence Of Creation
3. To Live In Dreams
4. When Time Was Time & Life Was Breath
5. Holding Yesterday For Ransom
6. My Sadness Has No Seasons
7. Ghost In The Melody
8. Reminder Of These Heartless Days, A
9. Ascension Of Beauty
10.Symptoms Of An Unwanted Emotion

No Track Titles for 7"

Golliwog - more than meets diy [2006]

Artist: Golliwog
Title: more than meets diy
Country: Ribnica, Slovenia
LABEL: Chainsaw Records
Link: Listen

01 Optimus Prime
02 Flat Line
03 Rain Of Ruin
04 Coke Cain
05 Planet Xanax
06 Sunday
07 Places You Have Never Seen
08 Lack Of Inspiration
09 And Right Then Is When My Philosophy Became Straight
10 Heaven / Purgatory / Vietnam
11 Operation Successful - Patient Dead
12 I Was Made To Believe
13 Tomorrow When I Wake Up There Will Be A Brand New Happy Life For Me
14 Me Vs. Toilet Paper / Gandhi Vs. Heston
15 The Devil Came From Texas
16 Public Media Mass Hypnosis
17 Lovers
18 Wonderful Toys

Envelopes - Demon [2005]

Artist: Envelopes
Title: Demon
Country: Malmö, France
Genre: Indie / Alternative
LABEL: Brille Records
Link: Listen

1. It Is The Law
2. Glue
3. Sister In Love
4. Your Fight Is Over
5. I Don't Even Know
6. Isabelle and Leonard
7. Audrey In The Country
8. My Fren
9. I Don't Like It
10. Massmouvement
11. Sotnos

Envelopes - here comes the wind [2008]

Artist: Envelopes
Title: here comes the wind
Country: Malmö, France
Genre: Indie / Alternative
LABEL: Brille Records
Link: Listen

1. Party
2. Freejazz
3. Heaven
4. Smoke In The Desert Eating The Sand Hide In The Grass
5. Life On The Beach
6. Boat
7. Put On Hold
8. I'd Like To C U
9. I'm In Love And I Don't Care Who Knows It
10. What's The Deal
11. Seawise

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cursive - the storms of early summer semantics of song [1998]

Artist: Cursive
Title: the storms of early summer semantics of song
Country: OMAHA, NEBRASKA, United States
LABEL: Saddle Creek
Link: Listen

1. The Rhyme Scheme
2. A Career in Transcendence
3. The Road to Financial Stability
4. Tempest
5. Break in the New Year
6. Proposals
7. Semantics of Sermon
8. A Little Song and Dance
9. When Summer's Over Will We Dream of Spring
10. Northern Winds
11. Absence Makes the Day Go Longer

Like a Memory, It Fades - selftitled [2003]

Artist: Like a Memory, It Fades
Title: selftitled
Country: New York, United States
Link: Listen

A Day In Black And White - untitled

Artist: A Day In Black And White
Title: untitled
Country: WASHINGTON, Washington DC, United States
Link: Listen

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sons of Abraham - termites in his smile [1997]

Artist: Sons of Abraham
Title: termites in his smile
Country: Long Island, New York, United States
Link: Listen

Circa Survive - the unuit sessions [2005]

Artist: Circa Survive
Title: the unuit sessions
LABEL: Equal Vision Records
Link: Listen

The Postal Service - live 04-25-2003

Artist: The Postal Service
Title: live 04-25-03
Country: SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, United States
Link: Listen

Hassan I Sabbah - lp

Artist: Hassan I Sabbah
Title: lp
Country: United States
Link: Listen

i've just been pretty much cleaning out the archives of old uploaded albums that i never posted. some of the albums [like this one] i don't remember a god damned thing about and am too lazy to download and figure out.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sleepytime Trio - memory-minus [1998]

Artist: Sleepytime Trio
Title: memory-minus
Country: Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States
LABEL: Lovitt
Link: Listen

Left At Yale - Self Titled [1999]

Artist: Left At Yale
Title: Left At Yale
Country: Irvine, California, United States
LABEL: Transit Music
Link: Listen

Mxpx - life in general [1996]

Artist: Mxpx
Title: life in general
Country: BREMERTON, WASHINGTON, United States
LABEL: Tooth and Nail
Link: Listen

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

His Hero Is Gone - Discography

Artist: His Hero Is Gone
Title: Discography
Country: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Download:Download - Disc 1
Download:Download - Disc 2
Link: Listen

Disc 01
01 like hell
02 view from a holding cell
03 ghosts of regret
04 re-entry examination
05 the oracle
06 of theives
07 thanking your lover in sincerity
08 bombs away
09 epidemic
10 headcount
11 t minus zero
12 unvisited graves
13 internally bleeding
14 richter
15 marry and reproduce
16 the end result
17 professional mindfuckers
18 and we burn
19 unleash
20 leash
21 sterile fortress
22 good samaritan
23 hand that feeds
24 raindance
25 voluntary amputation
26 antehm of the undesirables
27 concrete cage
28 abandoned
29 thieves
30 the end result of 11 days in the mental hospital
31 epidemic
32 headcount
33 t minus zero
34 unvisited grave
35 internally bleeding
36 richter
37 marry and reproduce
38 the end result of 11 months in prison
39 skinfeast

Disc 02
01 like weeds
02 monument to thieves
03 paranoia secured
04 carry on
05 automation
06 cavities
07 chain of command
08 headless - heartless
09 hinges
10 sin and vice
11 the mess
12 diseasse of ease
13 under watchful eyes
14 stacks
15 the unwanted child
16 friendly fire
17 fools gold
18 scare tactic
19 sound the alarm
20 becoming soil
21 raise the curtain
22 friendly fire
23 fools gold
24 scare tactic
25 sound the alarm
26 becoming soil
27 raise the curtain
28 surrender
29 the garden
30 what goes up
31 remedy past remedies
32 angry gods
33 in the red
34 outside in
35 who benifits
36 the willing host
37 enslavement redifined

Millencolin - life on a plate [1996]

Artist: Millencolin
Title: life on a plate
Country: Örebro, Närke, Sweden
LABEL: Burning Heart
Link: Listen

Millencolin - for monkeys [1997]

Artist: Millencolin
Title: for monkeys
Country: Örebro, Närke, Sweden
LABEL: Burning Heart
Link: Listen

Millencolin - the melancholy collection [2001]

Artist: Millencolin
Title: the melancholy collection
Country: Örebro, Närke, Sweden
LABEL: Burning Heart
Link: Listen

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pg 99 - discography

Artist: Pg 99
Title: Discography
Country: sterling, Virginia, United States
Download:Download - part 1
Download:Download - part 2
Download:Download - part 3
Link: Listen

VA - 28 days later soundtrack [2003]

Artist: VA
Title: 28 days later soundtrack
LABEL: Xl Recordings

Split - Clancy 6 - Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine [2003]

Artist: Clancy 6 - Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine
Title: Split
Link: Listen - clancy 6
Link: Listen - vpopdm
last night i had two 24 oz of these >

it's got caffeine, taurine, guarana, even some wormwood extract!

anyways, i finished the first one and opened up the second one. all of a sudden i get crazy heartburn, quickly followed by heat flashes, for lack of better terms. In the middle of winter, 1 am, and i am sitting in my room with my window AC unit blasting. Then, I look in the mirror after pissing while i'm washing my hands and see that i have exactly 15 redish dot things on my forehead, and even more on both my cheeks. allergic reaction? i was under the impression i wasn't allergic to anything, so i wouldn't even know. oh well, back to regular beer.

btw i still finished the second one while i was suffering from my side effects.

oh yea, and i decided id start posting music and stuff again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Neil Perry - Lineage Situation [discography] [2003]

Artist: Neil Perry
Title: discography
Country: New Jersey, United States
Genre: Screamo
LABEL: Level Plane
Link: Listen

1. Nine Minutes of Non-Fiction
2. Kicked
3. Seeping Through the Cracks
4. What Is in the Making
5. Looking Back on the Way You Want to Be in the Future
6. Fading Away Like the Rest of Them
7. Sorry for the Misunderstanding Mr. Watts...
8. Millions Lost at the Penny Arcade
9. I Wanna Talk to Samson
10. Yes Officer My Name Is Mr. Hermitiowitch...
11. Shit Blows Up... It's So Good
12. Becoming What You Hate
13. Another Trip to Baltimore
14. Igor, My Girlfriend Dumped Me... Let's Write Sad Songs
15. So Tom Cruise Turns to Me and Says
16. Breathing With One Bad Lung
17. There's a Fine Line Between Thriftstore and Whitetrash
18. Freind Is a Lesson to Be Learned
19. September 15th, City Lights, and the Clouds That Suck Them Dry
20. I Bought This Southern Rap Compilation and All I Got Was This ...
21. Josh's Dream Party: Beer, Girls, and a Computer
22. Memoirs of an Illiterate Penpal
23. There Will Come Soft Rains
24. You Can't Fight Jose Cuervo and Win
25. Don't Even Try to Start a Honda Accord If It's in Drive
26. Bluebook Bedtime Story
27. Trips to Baltimore
28. Friends That Fuck
29. Luc Fucked the Prom Queen
30. When My Favorite Sports Team Loses, It Makes Me Want to Hit My ...
31. It This Is a Show About God, I'm Going to Kill U Mauro
32. Last Sip Is 90% Spit
33. Short-Haired Metal
34. Oh Shit!
35. Catalyst
36. Meira
37. Elvis Wears Nikes
38. Fuck You
39. There Was Definitely a Point When the Victim...
40. I'm Sad for You...

Whitest Kids U Know S02E08

Download:Download - p1
Download:Download - p2

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Agents of Satan - the old testament [2003]

Artist: Agents of Satan
Title: the old testament
Country: San Mateo, California, United States
Genre: Grindcore
LABEL: Intolerant Messiah
Link: Listen

1. Black Scabs 00:31
2. Rape Your Ass with Drugs 00:42
3. Snowmen 01:04
4. Red Impulse 01:01
5. Goatcore 00:45
6. Pusher 01:53
7. Unholy Ascension 00:47
8. H.O.G 00:35
9. Crosshairs 00:31
10. Posted 00:53
11. Silver in Chist's Comhole 00:25
12. Vomit Tar 00:41
13. Crust = Glam 00:46
14. Snatch in Your Eye / Necrotal Ulceration 01:15
15. Raped Priest 00:51
16. Cut Off My Dick 00:59
17. Black Metal Bat 00:59
18. Goat Skrote 02:28
19. Butcher Knife 00:49
20. Agenst no Le$$ 01:59
21. Klawbo Connection 01:03
22. Shredded Clitoris and Foreskin 01:06
23. Snort Fat Lines of Crank 01:12
24. West Bay Coalition 01:26
25. March of the A.O.S. 01:25
26. Rape Your Ass with Drugs 00:44
27. Gotacore 00:49
28. Snowmen 01:16
29. Red Impulse 01:04
30. Vomit Tar 01:24
31. Cut Off My Dick 00:59
32. Castigo Del Brujo 01:59
33. I Hate You 01:07
34. Ten Pounds of Tots 00:38
35. Cake 00:18
36. Toupe' 00:57
37. Magic Shell 01:19
38. After the War 00:20
39. Crackbabies 01:28
40. Buttsweat 00:19
41. Rumproast 00:53
42. Ganstaa 01:42
43. Pot Cookies 01:14

Piebald - if it weren't for venetian would be curtains [1999]

Artist: Piebald
Title: if it weren't for venetian would be curtains
Country: Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, United States
Genre: Indie Rock
LABEL: Big Wheel Recreation
Link: Listen

1. Grace Kelly With Wings
2. We Believe in Karma
3. Mess With the Bulls
4. Dirty Harry and the Thunderbolts
5. You Won't Be Seeing Me Again
6. Rules For Mules
7. Giddy Like a Schoolgirl
8. All You Need Is Drums to Start a Dance Party
9. If Marcus Garvy Dies, Then Marcus Garvy Lives
10. Still We Let It Choke Us
11. Mount Pleasant
12. Location Is Everything
13. Fat and Skinny Asses

Anthony Green - 4 Song demo

Artist: Anthony Green
Title: 4 Song demo
Country: Pennsylvania, United States
Genre: Indie
LABEL: n/a
Link: Listen

01 Baby Girl
02 The First Day Of Work At The Microscope Store (Dancing For The Camera On The Traffic Lights)
03 The Fisherman Will Be Bewildered
04 Plays Ugly For Daddy

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Split - Small Brown Bike - Casket Lottery [2002]

Artist: Small Brown Bike - Casket Lottery
Title: Split
Country: United States
Genre: Indie Rock
LABEL: Second Nature
Link: Listen - casket lottery
Link: Listen - small brown bike

01 Wrong Hometown (Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery)
02 Now I'm A Shadow (Small Brown Bike)
03 Under Pressure (Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery)
04 Composing Myself (A Lullaby) (The Casket Lottery)
05 Boardinghouse (Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery)
06 Riding With Death (Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery)

Orchid - totality [2005]

Artist: Orchid
Title: totality
Country: Amherst, Massachusetts, United States
Genre: Power Violence / Screamo
LABEL: Clean Plate
Link: Listen


Local H - as good as dead [1996]

Artist: Local H
Title: as good as dead
Country: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, United States
Genre: Rock
LABEL: Island
Link: Listen

1. Manifest Density Pt. 1
2. High-Fiving MF
3. Bound For the Floor
4. Lovey Dovey
5. I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are
6. No Problem
7. Nothing Special
8. Eddie Vedder
9. Back in the Day
10. Freeze-Dried (F)Lies
11. Fritz's Corner
12. O.K.
13. Manifest Density Pt. 2

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - amara tanta tyri [1994]

Artist: The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud
Title: amara tanta tyri
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Ambient / Post-Rock
LABEL: Arthur's Round Table
Link: Listen

All tracks untitled

Monday, September 8, 2008

You and I - discography [2005]

Artist: You and I
Title: discography
Country: New Jersey, United States
Genre: Screamo
LABEL: Alone
Link: Listen

1. Forever Last a Moment
2. Achilles
3. All Imperfect Things
4. Day That Passes Through Us, A
5. Crossing the Rubicon
6. No Guilt on New Years Morning
7. Someday I'll Say Goodbye
8. Absence
9. Memory Loss
10. We All Bleed
11. When We Were One
12. Revision
13. Nights Like These
14. Smile
15. Saturday's Cab Ride Home
16. Something to Remember
17. Heart's Divide
18. Silent Morning Whisper
19. Seascape
20. Pulse - (live)
21. Broc Landers and the Mustang Candy Cake - (live)
22. I Think I Know Where Elvis Lives - (live)
23. Tell Me About Your Childhood / Playing Off The Story

Bracket - e is for everything [1996]

Artist: Bracket
Title: e is for everything
Genre: Pop Punk / Alternative
LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords
Link: Listen

1. Hermit
2. 2RAK005
3. Speed Bump
4. WWF
5. Talk Show
6. Flea Market
7. Eating Pie
8. My Stepson
9. Envy
10. Warren's Song Pt. 3

All Else Failed - this never happened [2004]

Artist: All Else Failed
Title: this never happened
Country: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Genre: Hardcore / Metal
LABEL: Abacus
Link: Listen

1. Revisionist, The
2. Kinetic
3. Wishful Thinking
4. To Whom It May Concern
5. Waterlogged
6. Step One: Give Up
7. Centralia
8. All Good Things
9. At Twenty-Seven
10. Simple Solution
11. In Our Defense
12. Character Actor
13. Departing Flights
14. After All