Monday, April 21, 2008

Sabertooth Zombie - Midnight Venom [2008]

Artist: Sabertooth Zombie
Title: Midnight Venom
Country: NORTH BAY, California, United States
Genre: Punk / Hardcore
LABEL: Twelve Gauge Records
Link: Listen

1. D.O.A.
2. Shoes
3. Decayed Decade
4. Flee Creep And Cheat
5. Automatic Minds
6. Fragments
7. The Gallows
8. Black Of Mouth
9. Interlude
10. Rotten
11. I'm Fucking Disgusted
12. Self Mouth
13. Seven Swords
14. Get Bent
15. Live In Hell Rot In Dirt
16. Lady Death
17. Giant
18. Rat Bones

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morti_viventi said...

hi hi. I saw this on another blag, and wondered why it was listed as being a 2008 release, so I did some searching and found you. It came out in '06 actually. They do have two '08 releases though (so far). One is a 7" called Dent Face, to be released May 20. The other is Mere Bears: The Riot Cops Bathe On Zion, which is actually last year's 10" double EP Dance/The Prisoner but on digipack CD, to be released June 24. The first release coincides with the start of their summer tour with bay area friendzies Ceremony and Life Long Tragedy. The second coincides with the end of said tour. You should be able to snatch the 7" at any of those shows. Tour information here:

And of course, you'll be able to purchase all releases from, and most of that shit is on iTunes.

The more you know! ≈≈☆