Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bomb the Music Industry - live 4-17-2005

Artist: Bomb the Music Industry
Title: live 4-17-2005
Country: new york, georgia, United States
Genre: Punk / Ska
Link: Listen

01 Introduction_Blow Your Brains Out On Live TV!!!
02 Ready... Set... No!!!
03 _Whatevzzzz...._
04 Big Plans Of Sleeping In
05 I'm A Panic Bomb, Baby!
06 _Hello, My Name Is Laura_
07 Stand There Until You're Sober
08 _This Is Another... Shut Up_
09 Funcoland Vs. The Southern Electorate
10 Does Your Face Hurt_ No_ 'Cause It's Killing Me!!!
11 _Watch Me Take Off The Coat__24-10
13 John Says _Receive_
14 Brian Wilson Says SMiLE aka Beard of Defiance
15 _I Totally Dig It... Beard of Defiance_ That's Nuts!_
16 Sweet Home Cananada

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