Saturday, December 20, 2008

last night i had two 24 oz of these >

it's got caffeine, taurine, guarana, even some wormwood extract!

anyways, i finished the first one and opened up the second one. all of a sudden i get crazy heartburn, quickly followed by heat flashes, for lack of better terms. In the middle of winter, 1 am, and i am sitting in my room with my window AC unit blasting. Then, I look in the mirror after pissing while i'm washing my hands and see that i have exactly 15 redish dot things on my forehead, and even more on both my cheeks. allergic reaction? i was under the impression i wasn't allergic to anything, so i wouldn't even know. oh well, back to regular beer.

btw i still finished the second one while i was suffering from my side effects.

oh yea, and i decided id start posting music and stuff again.

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