Friday, August 8, 2008

Mara'akate - 324 [2001]

Artist: Mara'akate
Title: 324
Country: Indiana, United States
Genre: Screamo / Power Violence
LABEL: none
Link: Listen

01. no u in accomodate
02. the worst kind
03. why + how
04. program output file
05. lorentz transformation
06. purely chemical measurements
07. that's a long river
08. bok giobules in action
09. electrode potential
10. two hundred millions electron vocts
11. steady flow of ions
12. two dissimilar materials
13. 324
14. asymptotic but trying
15. that is something i cannot do
16. colin's psychadelic breakfast
17. two dissimilar materials (demo)
18. bok giobules in action (demo)
19. electrode potential (demo)
20. luna (demo)
21. making headlines (demo)
22. bashar miles teg (demo)
23. stuck (demo)
24. the piano song (demo)


mbnjmntrb said...

thats really the incomplete discography from 2005. its got everything they did except for the split 10" w/ rep seki.

brianwyrick said...

You can, however, get the entire discography here:

Suggested donation of a dollar per record, money straight back to ex-members of :)

brianwyrick said...

It would be kind of awesome if you would link over to that site instead of what you have, since you get all of those songs for 4 bucks.