Friday, August 15, 2008

Split - His Hero Is Gone - Union Of Uranus [1998]

Artist: His Hero Is Gone - Union Of Uranus
Title: Split
Country: USA / Canada
Genre: Hardcore / Grindcore
LABEL: The Great American Steak Religion
Link: Listen - His Hero Is Gone
Link: Listen - Union of Uranus

a01.uranus - equilibrate
a02.uranus - weight of tomorrow
a03.uranus - backhand
a04.uranus - one eye strengthens
a05.uranus - pressure
b01.his hero is gone - friendly fire
b02.his hero is gone - fools gold
b03.his hero is gone - scare tactic
b04.his hero is gone - sound the alarm
b05.his hero is gone - becoming soil
b06.his hero is gone - raise the curtain