Monday, August 11, 2008

Showbread - no sir nihilism is not practical [2004]

Artist: Showbread
Title: no sir nihilism is not practical
Country: GUYTON, Georgia, United States
Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative
LABEL: Tooth & Nail
Link: Listen

1. A Llama Eats A Giraffe (And Vise Versa)
2. Dead By Dawn
3. Mouth Like A Magazine
4. If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don't I'll Die
5. Sampsa Meets Kafka
6. So Selfish It's Funny
7. The Missing Wife
8. Welcome To Plainfield, Tobe Hooper
9. And The Smokers and Children Shall Be Cast Down
10. Stabbing Art To Death
11. The Dissonance Of Discontent
12. Mathias Replaces Judas
13. The Bell Jar

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