Monday, August 25, 2008

Split - Neil Perry - Joshua Fit For Battle [2001]

Artist: Neil Perry - Joshua Fit For Battle
Title: Split
Country: United States
Genre: Screamo
LABEL: Level Plane Records
Link: Listen - NP
Link: Listen - JFFB

Neil Perry
01 Millions Lost at the Penny Arcade
02 I wanna Talk to Sampson
03 Yes Officer, My Name is Mister Hermitowich and I did sell these Boys a Gazebo (AKA Beijon Dip Song)
04 Jammy Jam Uno
05 Shit Blows Up... It's So Good
06 To Bring Our Own End
07 Soldiers of Psychological Warfare
08 Dedication (12 Clicks)
09 All Hail King Majority
10 Destroying From the Inside Out, Kind of Like Cancer
11 Ode to Jack Kevorkian

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